Friday, November 13, 2009


I was posting pics of dad's headstone on my facebook page - I was missing him and his birthday is this coming Sunday. It's the first one since he went to heaven and after I posted the first picture, I realized suddenly Dad died 11 mos. ago today. Weird. Sad. There are no mere coincidences! All of a sudden if felt like "Hello" from heaven. Saw Mom today - I think she lost another tooth. She was awake, alert and hungry. She laughed and cried when she saw me. It's been too long since our last visit but I finally feel like I can visit her again without so much sadness over the loss of Dad.

Time marches on. Grief sort of meanders back and forth, doesn't it? Headstone is beautiful - you know Dad would have been proud. Life is good and I am thankful I am alive and healthy and sending you each my love from this side of heaven (for now anyway)! So give Dad, Mike, Dana and your loved ones who have transitioned a wave and feel the love!

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