About Me

Mixed Media Artist

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!  I am happy you dropped by for a visit.  I am a Mixed Media Artist, who loves to play with paper and color and create with passion and joy.   I love hearts, flowers, happy endings and living authentically.  I believe all that comes through in my art.

Life Coach and Friend
I am also a professionally trained Life Coach who loves to work with people ready to discover their passion, purpose, inner magic and then go for it! One of my innate gifts is to see the special talents and gifts in others and help them embrace them and let them shine.  I  work with people riding the waves of transition and help them develop the skills to ride the waves of change like a pro.

Joy is my purpose and I help others find it, whether in my art, with my coaching and my writing.  I think joy is contagious and we should all catch it!  It makes for a better life.

Writer of Stories
I love to read and write and want to share stories that inspire, motivate and spread love. 

Residing inside each one of us is the magic and miracle of our soul. As we learn to listen to the voice of our soul - our connection to the divine - we engage our hearts and life becomes an amazing, technicolor, multifaceted adventure!   My 6th sense really is my 1st sense- my true voice, the voice of my heart and soul. I intend to share bits and pieces of inspiration that will move you in some way, whether you laugh, cry or run to the bathroom (ugh), you will be moved.  I'm growing my wings and taking flight.  Maybe you'll want to go for the ride with me. 
Stamped by Rose using Quietfire Stamps

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